MagLight Magnetic Cabinet Light With Motion Sensor

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  • Arc-Shaped with Infrared Sensor

    • Energy-Saving: Automatically turns off when the sensor is blocked, conserving energy and extending battery life.
    • Innovative Design: The arc shape ensures wide coverage, ideal for sensing movement across a broad area.

    Easy Installation

    • Versatile Mounting Options: Install using the adhesive strip or the built-in magnet for a secure fit in any location.
    • Tool-Free Setup: Quick and straightforward installation, no tools required, perfect for DIY projects.

    Multifunctional Use

    • Wide Application: Suitable for various spaces like bedrooms, baby rooms, closets, and more.
    • Enhanced Utility: Great for areas needing hands-free lighting solutions, such as garages and pantries.

    Dual Mode Functionality

    • User-Friendly: Toggle between automatic and manual modes with a simple switch.
    • Flexibility: Adapt the lighting based on your needs, whether for constant on, energy-saving, or motion-detection settings.

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